Marriage Matching By Date of Birth

Marriage Matching with date of birth

Marriage Matching By Date of Birth

 Marriage creates a lasting relationship between two individuals. It is crucial to make the appropriate marriage partner selection since, in the end, finding your soul mate will determine your happiness and your marriage’s success. Everybody’s date of birth is jam-packed with information. It might demonstrate a life partner’s personality, behavioural characteristics, compatibility, and level of collaboration. To determine whether two people will get along well enough to marry, you may use the individual’s date of birth to your advantage. Swami Sunder Lal Jyotish Aacharray is the most popular astrologer helps you for Marriage Matching By Date of Birth.

Marriage Matching By Date of Birth

Numerology and Marriage matching

 Numerology deals with numbers. This science believes that the numbers in a person’s date of birth and name greatly affect their life. Numerology can reveal the characteristics of each individual based on their date of birth, but it also suggests ways to find compatible matches for a successful marriage.

Get the destiny number for Marriage Matching.

 To work on reconciliation, first, know your partner’s destiny number. The destiny number is calculated by adding all the digits of a person’s date of birth. For example, if an individual’s date of birth is December 12, 1990, his destiny number is 1 + 2 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 0 = 25. Adds two numbers. Therefore, the personal destiny number is 7. In the same way, one gets the fate number of the other spouse. The best marriages are formed by combining compatible destiny numbers, while incompatible numbers can lead to mismatches and despair.

Marriage matching Chart/Table by (DOB) 

 See the table below to see which fate numbers match and which don’t. Marriages can be arranged based on compatibility suggestions.

Destiny Number

Best matches

Average matches

Bad matches

1 (Born on dates like 1, 10, 19, or 28 or if your destiny number is 1)

Best Matches – 4, 8

Average Matches- 2, 3, 5, 6

Bad Matches- 1, 7, 9

2 (Born on dates like 2, 11, 20, or 29 or if your destiny number is 2)

Best Matches- 7, 3, 6

Average Matches- 4, 8, 5

Bad Matches- 1, 2, 6

3 (Born on dates like 3, 12, 21, or 30 or if your destiny number is 3)

Best Matches – 3, 9, 2

Average Matches- 1, 5, 7, 8

Bad Matches- 4, 6

4 (Born on dates like 4, 13, 22, or if your destiny number is 4)

Best Matches 1, 4, 8


Bad Matches – 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9

5 (Born on dates like 5, 14 or 23 or if your destiny number is 5)

Best Matches- 9, 3

Average Matches- 1, 5, 6, 8

Bad Matches- 2, 4, 7

These are examples of marriage matching by date of birth and outcome, divided into three parts: best, average and bad, and how numbers determine our marriage. Visit our website and get everything you need to make your life easier. As the professional astrologer’s team, we are always ready to help you. Visit our website once Best Astrologer in India  for the best experience ever!